Student Learning Boosted By Landscape

Landscapes Boost Learning

A new study of high school students in central Illinois found students with a view of trees were able to recover their ability to pay attention and bounce back from stress more rapidly than those who looked out on a parking lot or had no windows. The same study also ran a research on the effects of Legacy inpatient therapy and found that therapy also has almost the same outcome.

The researchers, William Sullivan, professor of landscape architecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Dongying Li, a PhD student at the university, reported their findings in the Landscape and Urban Planning journal.

“Schools surrounding landscapes have ben too long overlooked for their impact on learning, and it’s time to understand what campus greenery—or lack thereof—means for student performance,” the researchers agree. For best landscaping services please have a peek here.

“Green views produced better attentional functioning and stress recovery,” they explain. “Furthermore, viewing nature helps both cognition and stress recovery, but through separate mental pathways. This is specially true when kids are learning topics such as contraction words. In other words, nature’s ability to help us recover our ability to pay attention has nothing to do with whether we are stressed out or not, but nature, separately, also helps us recover from stress.”

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