Plants … Greatest Multitaskers of all Time?

The research on the benefits of plants has exploded in the last 10 years owing in good part to global warming and real estate values.  In many ways this interest is obvious given photosynthesis produces Oxygen and digests Carbon Dioxide and landscaping your home enhances first impressions (and thus value).   Our ad and the link to our Plants Save Lives (.com) is our attempt to dimensionalize plants as maybe the greatest multitaskers of all time. Here we provide links to just some of the relevant data that have established facts such as $1 of landscaping adds $1.09 of home value and increases from there, unlike any other home improvement expenditure.


We also recognize the current hot trends inherent with plants like local food production, organic gardening, container planting and edible landscaping.  And, the calming impact of nature’s plants on the human condition.  We hope you will help us add relevant links to research articles of interest and importance.

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