Planting Success in the Hot Summer


Yes, you can plant during the dog days of summer … even in the high desert!  Simply follow these guidelines:

1. Make sure the plant is properly watered during the days before transplanting.
2. Transplant during the late afternoon or early evening.
3. Water the plant immediately before removing from the pot. Soak the root ball.
4. Water the hole before placing the plant in it.
5. Never leave the roots exposed to sun, heat, or wind. Remove plant from container and place immediately into the hole.
6. Fill hole halfway with soil. Apply water with Superthrive to settle soil around the roots, then finish filling hole.
7. Lightly firm soil around the plant.
8. Once again, water the whole plant, leaves and all.
9. Mulch with a 3 inch layer of Gardner & Bloome Soil Building Compost.

Check the plant daily for the first couple of weeks. Depending on the weather and plant, you may need to water twice a day until it becomes established. The larger the plant and/or the less roots to top growth ratio, the more water will be needed. If you are needing to transplant large trees visit

If you need some inspiration to plant a tree this summer, take a look at this very cool Purple Weeping Beech.  A unique tree that is perfect anywhere an eye-catching accent plant is needed. This slow grower has gracefully arching branches and never becomes too large; average size at maturity is normally about 10-15’.

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