Pesto Italiano … Grow the Basil & Garlic

Imagine our surprise that this wonderful Italian sauce … PESTO … can be just about anything.  That PESTO is simply Italian for anything ground or smashed with a mortar and pestle. Thus, “pesto” from a can, jar, restaurant or neighbor is some unknowable combination of smashed, hopefully edible, plants.  And, whether it includes peppers, spinach or whatever, it can be a unique combination of your own.  This is important because the edible garden is a wonderful entry way for young homeowners and renters alike to get hooked on the incredible difference in quality of HOME-GROWN edibles versus store-bought.

And, the two basic ingredients that are obviously in every pesto, are easy to grow in a container or plot. Yes, basil and garlic are the foundation edibles in every serious cook’s recipe and they are both easy to grow and better tasting when grown & used fresh.  So, get started with that edible garden on any scale and enjoy the smashing.

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