Ladybugs … Do They Really Help Eliminate Bad Bugs In The Garden And Landscape?

Absolutely! Ladybugs in the garden are very effective in controlling a number of bad bugs, including aphids, spider mites and scale, use composting worms in your compost pile. An adult ladybug can eat 50 aphids a day and produce up to 1,500 progeny. Take that aphids!

In order to maximize the benefits of releasing ladybugs in your yard, provide them with conditions that make them inclined to stay. Generally, releasing them in the evening, after hosing down foliage where aphid activity has been spotted, will help ensure that they stick around.  Releasing them in multiple small batches in the yard will help avoid competition for resources but if you have a severe problem try looking for powerpestcontrol help.

Being a natural control, your best success will come with using the ladybugs as part of an overall approach to your garden health according to this garden design Melbourne website.  Give them time to work. Don’t expect the immediate results that come from a contact insecticide.  Use other insecticides only as necessary and as labeled to minimize injuring or killing your ladybugs. Be on the lookout for their rather fierce some-looking young, who resemble black and orange ¼” alligators, and enjoy watching them devour aphids on your foliage.

I really recommend using the appropriate tools to take care of your garden to make it look better, for example, using a good sprayer will allow you to apply herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers to your plants.

Provide them with nectar and pollen as sources of food for the adults, and for when insect meals are scarce. Provide a water source as well. Your birdbaths and sprinkler system should do the trick. Use a variety of flowers and plants to feed your ‘ladies’ throughout the season. Make sure to identify wasps nest before it’s too late. Some excellent plants for beneficial insects include many that may already be in your yard: coreopsis (tickseed), cosmos, dill, evening primrose, fennel, parsley, sweet alyssum and yarrow are great resources for your ladybugs.

If, despite your good care, you find that the ladybugs have moved on from your yard, don’t despair – they’re probably hard at work nearby, in a yard that needed their help. A healthy yard and community improvement! The professional services for bugs and squirrel control company are needed in confined spaces.

If your yard needs grooming to keep pesky pests and insects away, then it is perhaps time to dial 347-956-4342 and schedule an appointment with the best tree services in the market. 

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