In the Heat of the High Desert Summer

Despite the heat, a lot is still blooming in my yard and most of it is growing in full sun.

Roses – shrub, hybrid teas, climbing & groundcovers are still producing flowers, though they will be happier when it gets cooler

Coneflowers – I have several pink ones and a few of the orange variety – very showy, drought tolerant prairie flowers that birds love

Summer Phlox – adds a great splash of color that doesn’t fade in our intense sun

Dahlias – have been blooming all summer long in my containers

Lavender — is fading a bit, but the finches have been having a feeding frenzy dining on its seeds

Agastaches (hummingbird mint & hyssop) — are glorious and doing their job attracting loads of hummers right now

Verbena bonariensis is quite showy with its airy purple blooms that will last until the first frost

Pinky Winky Hydrangea – I love this plant — nice green leaves with lovely panicled flowers that start off white and turn pink – long lasting and are great for dried arrangements

Goldenrod – an old standby has bright yellow flowers which add a splash of color to the perennial bed that is definitely starting to look tired.

Clematis – have several varieties and all are doing well this year – long bloomers with vibrant colors – some creep through my flower beds, others climb on ornamental obelisks.

Kaleidoscope Abelia – this variegated little beauty for shade is just now flowering; its variegated light green leaves add light to the shade.

Joe Pye Weed – this American native has formed a lovely clump along my fence line; its mauve-pink flowers are now blooming and attracting bees and butterflies.

Tiger Eye Sumac – no blooms yet, but great orange/yellow foliage.

Trumpet Vine – both yellow and orange; the hummers love these and the honeysuckle.

Hostas — are flowering and looking good except for a few with lighter colored leaves that are getting way too much sun and will need to be moved to a shadier area later this fall.

Honeysuckle and Wisteria — are blooming for a second time; both are very fragrant and attract hummers and bees.

Being a plant addict, I will soon be finding room for a Rose of Sharon, more Summer Phlox and two new plants I just discovered — Hypericum Red Star(pink to red berries) and Hypericum Beauty (carmel berries).

Christie Gescheider “in my garden & landscape”

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