Hot August, Olympics, Robins & Teachable Moments

Bathing or Playing?

With the intense heat of August cooking us and our poor plants, Carol York’s back yard observations of baby robins taking their first bath are a welcome distraction and can lead to many teachable moments when shared with young children. Read on….

In honor of the summer Olympics, parent robins are teaching their fledglings to use water features and birdbaths. Watching the next generation of birds get used to water is a most entertaining pastime. Lots of squawking and splashing, wet feathers head to toe and not much real cleaning going on. The young robins get the hang of drinking the water right away, but bathing is a different story. Like human adolescents, taking a bath isn’t always a first priority and often it takes a lot of coaxing. Keep your eyes on your bird baths this month for a fun aquatics show!

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