For Next Spring … Get Flowers to Bloom More.

spring bulbsIncreasing the amount that flowers bloom is a common “how to” question.


OK … how?


Most flowers and flowering plants need three essential ingredients to bloom: sunlight, nutrients, and warm soil. Even shade plants like azaleas and camellias need some sunlight in order to bloom. If your flowers are sun lovers, make sure they get at least five hours of sunlight per day. And if you would like to take your flower skills to another level then there are various professional floristry courses that you can take like that one in London.

Key nutrients for blooming plants are phosphorus and potash. While most plants need some nitrogen to help them grow and stay green, too much can focus the plant on growing instead of blooming. Nitrogen is the most mobile major nutrient and is more easily taken up by the plant.

Feed flowering plants with a high phosphorus and potash but low nitrogen flower food. If that still doesn’t work, starve them of nitrogen by feeding them with a no-nitrogen fertilizer.

Landscape Roses - - 'Coral Drift'

Landscape Roses – – ‘Coral Drift’

Finally this piece of advice from flower delivery Mexico, make sure you don’t water your plants too often. Allow the soil to dry out some between waterings, thus allowing the soil to warm up. If you water too much, the plants will often produce excessive fleshy growth and no blooms.

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