The Starling Murmurations with Dylan Winter

Fascinating Wild Bird Behavior on YouTube

Hot August, Olympics, Robins & Teachable Moments

With the intense heat of August cooking us and our poor plants, Carol York’s back yard observations of baby robins taking their first bath are a welcome distraction and can lead to many teachable moments when shared with young children. Read on…. In honor of the summer Olympics, parent robins are teaching their fledglings to […]

Picky Birds! by Christie

This morning I found an empty bird seed bag in my front yard – most likely from a neighbor who has a multitude of pigeons frequenting his yard.  And now I know why – the seed!  The ingredients listed on the bag: milo, white pros millet, wheat, sunflower seed, calcium carbonated, vitamin A supplement, vitamin […]

Bird Baths are Helpful in Winter

<p>As winter temperatures fall many people are helping wild birds stay warm by allowing them to take dips in bird baths. In addition to drinking, birds need a place to bathe when temperatures drop. Clean feathers help birds stay warm, and a bird bath with open water is often the only way for some birds […]