What Does “Feed Your Soil” Really Mean?

Healthy Soil The Organic Way! If you know anything about organic gardening, you’ve heard the phrase ‘feed your soil.’ While it sounds like a good thing to do, you may wonder what it means. It may seem that working in fertilizer should do it; that’s feeding, right? In truth, feeding your soil properly is at […]

Fertilizing in the High Desert

Plant Fertilizer Basics for the High Desert  Reading a bag of plant fertilizer can be an intimidating experience. Most people, especially those new to gardening, are not sure what to make of “NPK” or the three numbers that appear on every bag – but seem to be different on every bag. We’ve all been there.  […]

Using Cow Manure In Your Garden

Why don’t people use cow manure as much today??? Answer … Because it is smelly and no fun to handle!  Actually, steer manure has always been considered a good, cheap fertilizer and many old timers still swear by it.  The problem is that most cow and chicken manures are high in salts, which can burn (or […]

Home Grown versus Store Bought Tomatoes

Tomatoes are the favorite vegetable for home growing. Over the past years, commercial growers have produced tomato varieties that valued shelf-life and unblemished prettiness over taste–and the result has been an almost tasteless tomato at your local stores. You can put taste back on top of the list by growing your own. You don’t have […]

Have Fun Pruning!

We are careful to use video instructions from other sources because of the uniqueness and challenge of our high desert environment. But if you really wanna have fun, check the online slots from Izismile.com.   But, our friend in the high desert of Arizona has a great sense of humor and purpose; his knowledgeable pruning […]

What is going on with our bees?

What is going on with our bees? Honeybees are in trouble. In the last 50 years, experts say the domesticated honey bee population declined nearly 50 percent in the USA. This year was one of the worst on record, with some U.S. beekeepers losing 60 percent of their hives. Colony Collapse Disorder – the phenomenon […]

Getting Started: Growing Blueberries at Home in the High Desert

  Berries you can eat fresh, bake into pies, freeze, dry or can that grow on an attractive spring flowering plant that features rich fall color? We must be talking about blueberries. As the healthy trend of growing food at home gains momentum blueberries have become one of the best sellers in our nurseries. And, […]

Raspberries and Blackberries At Home

As “we” gardeners continue to appreciate the joy of harvesting our own food, berries have become more popular than ever. Berries grown at home have unbeatable flavor and they require very little work. Raspberries are among the best small fruits for home gardens. There are many varieties that are proven performers in our area. Here […]

Spring Inspiration – – Beautiful Flowers

Get into spring … this link set to music is exceptional.  From Vorobyoff Productions … “The Beauty of Flowers” …reminds us why we garden and landscape (2:29 minutes only).

Gardening with Gail – Agastache

Funny name for a fantastic native plant! By Gail Frezzette Moana Nursery Color Buyer & Successful High Desert Gardener This plant is perfect for our Nevada climate and soils as well as for our bunny and Bambi populations which seem to turn their noses up at these plants. My garden is the home to several […]