Bird Baths are Helpful in Winter

<p>As winter temperatures fall many people are helping wild birds stay warm by allowing them to take dips in bird baths. In addition to drinking, birds need a place to bathe when temperatures drop. Clean feathers help birds stay warm, and a bird bath with open water is often the only way for some birds to drink and stay clean when it’s cold.</p>
<p>Many bird enthusiasts are using bird bath heaters in their plastic or stone bird baths to provide water. Some are trying bird baths with built-in heaters. Most bird bath heaters shut off automatically when the temperature reaches approximately 40-50° F, or when it is out of the water. It is important to understand that as long as there is an opening in the water, the heater is doing its job. The birds only need an opening in the water to be able to drink; so the entire bath does not have to be thawed.</p>
<p>While it is important to provide birds with water in cold weather, it is also important for owners to take proper care of their bird baths. Because future problems can occur; bird baths made from porous materials should not be used during freezing temperatures, even with a bird bath heater.</p>
<p>Remember to never add chemicals to the water in a bird bath. That can be very dangerous to wild birds. If someone wants to attract birds during these cold times, there are better, safer ways that are available.</p>
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