Plant Names … Why are they so complicated?

Sometimes we have trouble identifying a plant.  The common names seem to provide many opportunities for customization and poetic license.  Thus, we often fall back on the official botanic (scientific) name which can be off-putting because it is in Latin – so that names are the same no matter where you live.  However, you can […]

Local Tree Canopy Lacking

This beautiful tree canopy and the combined tree canopy covering and protecting our northern Nevada community are important markers for determining the “green” space necessary to provide ideal living conditions.  We don’t have many local trees with this kind of dense canopy but the real issue is the tree canopy coverage. And, it can be […]

Irrigation System Repairs Best Conservation Action

Broken and misdirected sprinkler heads … in many cases, more than 50% of water is wasted due to broken parts, bad coverage, evaporation and runoff caused by overwatering. Drip systems are equally suspect if they have not been adjusted for growth and proper function.  By tuning up or upgrading your current irrigation system and adding […]

Summer Planting “How To” in the Heat!

Debunking the notion that high desert planting needs to be accomplished only in the spring & fall, this “how to” shows the simple changes needed for success.  It also points out the benefits of mulching your landscape and garden.  You can save up to 30% of your water bill for starters with 2 or 3 […]

Home Grown versus Store Bought Tomatoes

Tomatoes are the favorite vegetable for home growing. Over the past years, commercial growers have produced tomato varieties that valued shelf-life and unblemished prettiness over taste–and the result has been an almost tasteless tomato at your local stores. You can put taste back on top of the list by growing your own. You don’t have […]

The Starling Murmurations with Dylan Winter

Fascinating Wild Bird Behavior on YouTube

Have Fun Pruning!

We are careful to use video instructions from other sources because of the uniqueness and challenge of our high desert environment. But if you really wanna have fun, check the online slots from   But, our friend in the high desert of Arizona has a great sense of humor and purpose; his knowledgeable pruning […]