Getting Started: Growing Blueberries at Home in the High Desert

  Berries you can eat fresh, bake into pies, freeze, dry or can that grow on an attractive spring flowering plant that features rich fall color? We must be talking about blueberries. As the healthy trend of growing food at home gains momentum blueberries have become one of the best sellers in our nurseries. And, […]

Raspberries and Blackberries At Home

As “we” gardeners continue to appreciate the joy of harvesting our own food, berries have become more popular than ever. Berries grown at home have unbeatable flavor and they require very little work. Raspberries are among the best small fruits for home gardens. There are many varieties that are proven performers in our area. Here […]

Trees Matter!

Evidence keeps mounting that Trees Matter … beyond the obvious.  Study after study show the benefits.  Our recent Tree Canopy Survey for the Truckee Meadows put us at the bottom of most lists … even behind Las Vegas. It is of course self-serving that a garden center nursery and landscaping services company pushes the benefits […]