In the Heat of the High Desert Summer

Despite the heat, a lot is still blooming in my yard and most of it is growing in full sun. Roses – shrub, hybrid teas, climbing & groundcovers are still producing flowers, though they will be happier when it gets cooler Coneflowers – I have several pink ones and a few of the orange variety […]

Hot August, Olympics, Robins & Teachable Moments

With the intense heat of August cooking us and our poor plants, Carol York’s back yard observations of baby robins taking their first bath are a welcome distraction and can lead to many teachable moments when shared with young children. Read on…. In honor of the summer Olympics, parent robins are teaching their fledglings to […]

Planting Success in the Hot Summer

Yes, you can plant during the dog days of summer … even in the high desert!  Simply follow these guidelines: 1. Make sure the plant is properly watered during the days before transplanting. 2. Transplant during the late afternoon or early evening. 3. Water the plant immediately before removing from the pot. Soak the root […]