Gardening is a Natural Attraction for Children

(From The Washington Post) – Gardeners and kids have a lot in common. The most conspicuous similarities being that both like to pluck flowers, pick fruits and berries, study insects and, not least, get wet and dirty. It’s a natural match, and adults can nurture young people’s interest in horticulture by inviting them to help […]

Why Plan for Fall Bulbs Now?

Gardening with Gail If you’re serious about having a three season garden, then start it now while you’re planting your summer plants. Whether you are putting in a new tree, shrubs or rose bush, prepare the area by making it a little wider at the base and do an under planting of flowers with a […]

Chemical Pesticides

Organic & Green with Lisa Braginton This may seem a strange place to talk about chemical pesticides, but it seems a perfect time to address issues that may be arising in your yard and garden: According to pest control western suburbs Melbourne, many of our customers are coming in with powdery mildew on their roses […]