Gardening With Gail, June 9

Water in Your Garden One of the easiest ways to attract birds to your garden is to provide water for them. I place different sized saucers and bird baths not only for the birds but also for the reflection the water gives off in the garden. If you have a container that does not have […]

Healthy Soil the Organic Way

If you know anything about organic gardening, you’ve heard the phrase ‘feed your soil.’ While it sounds like a good thing to do, you may wonder what it means. It may seem that working in fertilizer should do it; that’s feeding, right? In truth, feeding your soil properly is at the heart of organic gardening. […]

Reduce Your Water Bill With Waterwise Irrigation

Broken and misdirected sprinkler heads… in many cases, more than 50% of water is wasted due to broken parts, bad coverage, evaporation and runoff caused by overwatering. By tuning up or upgrading your current irrigation system and adding a state-of-theart controller, you can generate significant water savings and contribute to a more sustainable environment. Now’s […]