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Moana Nursery Certified Team

Moana Nursery has more high desert certified nursery professionals, horticulturists, arborists, master gardeners, etc. on staff   ... than all other garden centers, discount & box stores COMBINED!

Our staff includes licensed, professional landscape architects and designers as well as many teammates with special certifications in lawn care, irrigation audits, landscape contracting, pesticides, project management, backflow certification, etc.  They are there to help you with advice and assistance in planning and designing your garden and landscape exterior space.

A visit to our garden center nurseries can provide important gardening and landscaping help.  We stock a large selection of plants for our unique area and conditions.  Our staff have years of experience in the high desert and if they cannot provide help themselves, they will get our plant doctors and nursery management experts to assist.  Come in and give us a chance to help you.

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