Moana Nursery Seminars and Events

Our seminars and workshops are conducted by our friendly and knowledgeable staff and local garden experts.

  • Seminars are held in our Landscape & DesignCenter at the Moana Lane Nursery location (across the parking lot).
  • They are held on Saturdays at 10AM and last about an hour.
  • Seminars are FREE, and we operate on a first come, first served basis.
  • Space is limited to a maximum of 60, so please come early to get a seat.
  • Standing in the back of the room is not permitted, as this is a fire hazard. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.
  • Popular seminar topics may be repeated.
  • We appreciate feedback on our seminars ... please complete this quick survey here.

Welcome to Nevada Gardening

October 1:  Welcome to Nevada Gardening ... Are you looking for information on how to succeed at gardening, despite the challenges of our northern Nevada environment?  Plant doctor & horticulturist Lisa Braginton will discuss soils, best watering practices, and some of the plants that survive and even thrive here. We’ll share proven tips and commiseration!

Greenhouse Growing

October 8: Greenhouse Growing ... Rebekah May Stetson, Farm Manager of Urban Roots will discuss growing edibles and other plants in a greenhouse year round. Rebekah will share the benefits of greenhouse growing along with equipment requirements and tips for successful growing. If you’ve dreamt of having your own greenhouse, this is a must attend seminar to learn from Rebekah’s experiences.

Composting 101 - Turn your Garden & Kitchen Waste into Black Gold

October 15:  Composting 101 - Turn your Garden & Kitchen Waste into Black Gold ... Join Moana plant doctor, horticulturist and long-time high desert gardener Steve Packer to learn the basics of composting:  what to compost - from yard waste to kitchen scraps; the steps and recipe for turning them into a rich soil amendment for your garden: the numerous kinds of composters available along with their benefits.  Steve will share his own tips for successful composting.

Winterizing Roses, Shrubs & Trees and Putting your Yard to Bed

October 24:  Winterizing Roses, Shrubs & Trees and Putting your Yard to Bed ... Jon Bruyn, Moana plant doctor, certified arborist and high desert gardener, will present expert tips and techniques for preparing your roses, flowering shrubs, trees for the winter.  Included in the presentation are:  NOT pruning before winter, minimizing damage, watering routines and winter mulching.  Jon will also discuss how to protect your yard from pests during the winter. This is one of our most popular seminars, so be sure to arrive a bit early.

Ask Our Experts In-Store ... Every Day!

Seminars are great but don't forget our staff of green experts can answer questions and provide solutions every day.