Seminars & Events

Our seminars and workshops are conducted by our friendly and knowledgeable staff and local garden experts.

  • Seminars are held in our Landscape & DesignCenter at the Moana Lane Nursery location (across the parking lot).
  • They are held on Saturdays at 10AM and last about an hour.
  • Seminars are FREE, and we operate on a first come, first served basis.
  • Space is limited to a maximum of 60, so please come early to get a seat.
  • Standing in the back of the room is not permitted, as this is a fire hazard. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.
  • Popular seminar topics may be repeated.
  • We appreciate feedback on our seminars ... please complete this quick survey here.

Attract More Wild Birds To Your Yard

September 6:   Attract More Birds to Your Backyard  - Fall is the best time to create and plant a bird habitat that birds will love and so will you.  Join our plant doctor and birding specialist, Jon Bruyn to learn the bird habitat basics and then take a walk through the nursery yard to see the trees, shrubs & other plants that provide food and shelter to birds.  Also included is a brief tour of birding department to see the latest in feeders, foods & birdbaths.

Extending The Edibles\' Growing Season

September 13:  Craig’s Expert Tips for Extending Edibles’ Growing Season - - We’ve had a very productive growing season thus far, but believe it or not, we still have at least 2 more months left to grow.  Learn what you need to be doing in your garden now to make the most of your efforts:  successive plantings, row covers, hoop houses, fall crops, cover crops, planting onion seeds for next year and more.  Join urban farmer Craig Frezzette who has several acres planted in Reno and harvests most months out of the year and supplies many of the local restaurants with his organic vegetables and herbs.

Lawn Rescue

September 20:  Lawn Rescue - Hard to love your lawn this year? Or hard to love your lawn most years? While this has been an especially difficult season for most, many of us struggle from year to year to achieve and maintain the ideal turf that will complement the whole of our landscape. Join Moana Nursery plant doctor Lisa Braginton for solutions to seasonal problems, tips for healthy lawn maintenance in our high desert environment, and a brief overview of no-turf options. Now is the time to get back to a lawn (or non-lawn option) you’ll love!

Fall Containers

September 27:  Fall Containers - - Join Moana Nursery’s Seasonal Planting Specialist Leslie Richardson for a demonstration of how to design and plant a fall container that will last until November.  Containers are Leslie’s specialty:  she loves trying out new plant combinations and getting people excited about their outdoor spaces.  She has created custom containers for the Summit, Northstar and Squaw Valley Ski Resorts and many private residences.  Leslie is eager to share design and planting tips that you can apply anywhere in your garden.  Seminar will be held at the Moana Lane store instead of the Landscape & Design Center.