Helpful High Desert Videos

Lisa video.jpgWelcome to Moana Grown! Here, you can get advice, tips and information in quick, easy-to-understand videos. You can meet our birding pros, floral designers and our plant experts. When we say expert, we mean it. High Desert certified nursery professionals, horticulturalists, arborists and master gardeners make up our Moana Nursery family. Pair them with more than 220 varieties of trees and shrubs designed to thrive in our climate and your landscape has never been in better hands.

Here are some of our most helpful videos:

Attracting Wild Birds Carmel explains the basics for attracting birds to your backyard.

Irrigation On/Off Video Two helpful videos and an instruction page.

Composting - Get Started Lisa explains how easy composting is and why it’s so beneficial to your yard and the planet. 

Watering Tips for the High Desert Lisa explains why watering should be tailored to the unique requirements of your landscaping. 

Your Nevada Garden Understand the key differences and remedies for our local gardening and landscaping challenges during this 40 minute video.

Fresh and Affordable - Choosing Flowers in Season Gigi explains how to get the best value when selecting flowers for your wedding, special event or just becase. 

The Benefits of Indoor Plants Steve shares the happy effects of indoor plants – clean air, good mood, better work!

What to Feed Your Plants Steve talks about the benefits of fertilizing your plants. 

The Benefits of Mulch Lisa talks about how a layer of mulch can improve your landscaping and conserve moisture. 

Understanding Microclimates in Northern Nevada Lisa explains the nuances of the high-desert climate and what it means for your plants.