Delivery and Planting Services

Moana Nursery's knowledgeable staff is ready to help you with ALL your yard, garden and landscape needs. We happily assist you in planning, selecting and planting your yard. We even offer a free "yard planning" brochure ... "Plan & Plant" ... available at our garden centers and on-line.  This is a perfect start for the Do-It-Yourself landscape project ... we can help!

Read our Planting Guide Here!

To further assist you, we offer the following services in addition to our in store services:

  • Prompt Delivery
  • Correct planting installation
  • Expert at-your-site consultation
  • Professional planning and design

For current prices for these add-on services from our nurseries, please ask our staff or call us at:
Moana Lane (Reno) Garden Center: (775) 825-0600
South Virginia St. (south Reno) Garden Center: (775) 853-1319
Pyramid Way (Sparks) Garden Center: (775) 425-4300

For larger jobs, get your project started with a professional visit & estimate.