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The High Desert Gardener
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Fall is for Planting - - the Best Time to Plant ... See Why Here  

Fall Planting

      Volume 09.14
                            September 1, 2014
Dawn Donovan 
             Better Plants. Better People. 

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Contact Information:  Email us at: customerservice@


Moana Lane Garden Center
The Florist, Greenhouse &
Gift Shop
1100 W. Moana Lane, Reno

S. Virginia St. Garden Center
Outdoor Living, Tree Land & Moana Rock
11301 S. Virginia St., Reno

Pyramid Hwy. Garden Center
Spanish Springs Nursery
7655 Pyramid Hwy., Sparks

Store Hours   

 Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  
 Saturday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

 Sunday  9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


All three locations Including all 3 Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shops, TreeLand & Moana Rock.  The Florist at Moana Lane is closed Sunday but great arrangements available in the cooler and orders taken by nursery teammates. 

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Landscape & Design Center
Water-Wise Irrigation, Ha
rdscapes, Maintenance & Water Features
1190 W. Moana Lane, Reno
775-825-0602 X 134

NV Lic. #3379 A, D, E
CA Lic. #317448

Armstrong Red Maple Tree
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Feature Products:
Armstrong Red Maple Tree
Dr Earth logo
For planting success, we recommend using these three products when planting or transplanting all plants:
Superthrive, Gardner & Bloome Soil Building Compost and Dr. Earth Life or Starter Fertilizer

Dr Earth Starter Fertilizer
Lily & Tulip bulbs
Venus Fly Trap
Lucky Bamboo

Plantskydd keeps rabbits away from lawns and other areas of your garden by a combination of both taste and smell. 
Bonide All Seasons' Spray Oil
Bonide Eight Yard & Garden
Bonide Eight Insect Control
Water-Wise 'Autumn Blaze' Maples
Bonide MoleMax
Grow More Orchid Food
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Armstrong Red Maple Tree
Moana Nursery is on Facebook!
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Armstrong Red Maple Tree
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Dr. Earth Hose Ready Liquid Organic Fertilizers
Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar
Captain Jack's Dead Bug Brew
Captain Jack's DeadBug Brew

Dramm Hoses - guarnateed
Dr. Earth Life Fertilizer (new image)


HydroFarm Light, Moisture & pH Meter
Bonide Bon-Neem II
Wilco Squirrel Bait
Fruit Trees On Sale
Yard Art can be FUN

Quick Links
Happy Labor Day Greetings! greenhouse 2011 1  
Moana Nursery Rewards Program Members Only ...
Special Offer ... 15% Savings on all Houseplants
Limited to stock on hand. Discounts on regular retail price only.

Timely, Local High Desert Tips ...
Now is the Time To ...

Pest Alert

Aphids and powdery mildew may again be a problem due to the season's cooler days and nights.

Treat aphids with Bonide All Seasons Horticultural Spray Oil. Treat powdery mildew with Bonide Sulfur Plant Fungicide or Copper Fungicide. Or use Bonide Rose Rx or Bonide Neem Oil to treat both in one easy step.

  • Plant trees, shrubs, perennials and spring flowering bulbs - fall is the best time to plant.
  • Squash Bugs continue to munch on squash, cucumbers, melons and pumpkins. Treat organically with BonNeem II or non-organically with Bonide Eight.
  • Install a new lawn or repair bare spots with Bonide Dura-Turf Premium Grass Seed and Lawn Seed Starter, then cover with Gardner & Bloome SBC.
  • Start a compost pile.
  • Create a bird habitat in your backyard with trees, shrubs & perennials that provide food and shelter to birds. Attend our September 6 seminar to learn more. (Scroll down for seminar description.)
  • Prepare plants you will be bringing indoors for the winter by treating them with Bonide Systemic Granular Insect Control or Bonide Neem Oil. This treatment will kill insects which are suppressed in the outdoor environment but may flourish in the home

From the Florist at Moana


We welcome Debbie Murray to the Florist at Moana as our new floral manager. Debbie's 10+ years of experience in the floral industry as an owner, manager and hotel décor/event design supervisor will be a great addition to Moana Nursery & the Moana Lane team. Her creativity, energy and enthusiasm are contagious.  



Send the "Box of Summer Sunshine" bouquet today to brighten someone's day!  Call 775-825-0671 to order. Or better yet, come in to meet Debbie and see all the other beautiful arrangements we offer and what we can customize for you.  




New Arrivals:
Weeping Sequoia

  • Weeping Sequoia, 'Hancock' Coralberry, 'Limemound' Spiraea, 'Grow Low' Sumac, 'Black Hills' Spruce
  • Spring-flowering Bulbs, Pansies, Mums & Ornamental Kale
  • Greenhouse: Venus Fly Trap
'Hancock' Coralberry
'Limemound' Spiraea
'Grow Low' Sumac
'Black Hills' Spruce
Spring Flowering Bulbs
Pansies, Mums & Kale pots


Roosters Have Come Home to Roost at Moana!


Roosters have been a sign of good luck, health and prosperity for centuries.  Having a rooster in the kitchen has long been a tradition in France.  Roosters crow at the same time every morning and, thus, are a sign of trust, good timing, and victory.

   They have made it through the dark night and are a sign of hopeful beginnings.  Come in and see our great selection of roosters in different sizes, shapes and colors.

Gail's Plant of the Month:   



Narcissus also known as daffodils... this deer and rabbit resistant bulb is a sturdy, cheerful early spring bloomer. Pick from a large variety of sizes and colors. Plant with blue, pink and purple Phlox subulata for that Easter blooming combination. 

Matt's Shrub of the Month:

'Tinkerbelle' Lilac


This compact lilac can be used in the foundation planting, mixed border or as an informal hedge. In late spring beautiful wine-red buds open to pink flowers with a pleasant spicy fragrance. 'Tinkerbelle' is a tough and water-wise shrub that is very cold-hardy and easy to grow.

Trish's New Arrival: Pond Perfect Fountain Fix



For indoor & outdoor fountains; keeps water clear, eliminates foam and odors and prevents algae build-up if used according to label. Reduces fountain cleaning by 70-80%. Safe for kids and pets.

Red Hots ...

  • 1 gal. Maiden Grass $4.99 (reg. $14.99). Limit 3 while supplies last. Drought tolerant elegant grass with 4 season interest for the garden or container. Slender grass blades turn a bronze fall color with seed heads that continue to look good throughout the winter.
  • Free Dr. Earth Organic Pest Control with the purchase of any Dr. Earth product. Limited to stock on hand. Hurry in while supplies last!


25% Savings on Perennials, Grapes & Fruit Trees
in stock.


Indian Magic Crabapple Tree
'Indian Magic' Crabapple


Home Improvement Specials:

#15 'Indian Magic' Crabapple                (reg. $122) ... $59 

#3 Dwarf Mugo Pine                              (reg. $34) ... $15

See our September "Fall is the Best Time to Plant" Specials here.


Wild Birds Unlimited Offer:

$15 Flying Start Combo


All in one feeder that attracts them all with seed, suet, nuts & fruit. Great for first time bird feeders!

September High Desert Bird of the Month:  

Northern Flicker   


Males have a tan and gray head, with red-shafted birds having a red stripe from base of the bill to the side of the neck. The uppertail coverts are white with black spotting, and the stiff, two-pronged tail is black above with red below. Females have similar markings to males but lack the red stripes.


The northern flicker has a widespread range and can be found in open deciduous forests, woodland edges, marshes and suburban parks, gardens and backyards.



Lots more on flickers, the rest of our expert's informative articles & local birds at Sign up there for our monthly Wild Birds Unlimited Newsletter and more.

Gail's Gardening Tip: Fall Gardening

Fall is the best time to plant! The cooler weather causes less stress on the plants and you. The soil is warmed up from summer and plants will adjust easier to transplanting. Always amend your soil with compost which helps with drainage and allows your plant to get established. Mulch the newly planted area with compost to help retain moisture. Whether you want a perennial pollinator flower garden, grasses, roses, shrubs or a tree, fall is the very best time to PLANT SOMETHING.


There's still time to plant edibles! Plant up an edible lettuce or herb pot for fall. It can be a designer pot, individual pots, an old wine box or whatever your style is. Simply cut the greens to eat and they will grow back. The more lettuce pots you create the more diverse your harvest.

Bring Technology to the Garden with Six Phone Apps

By Bree Lake


There are several phone Apps that gardeners and "would be gardeners" will find helpful in answering questions or concerns and providing handy tools to improve your knowledge and gardening skills. (These Apps are not available on all phone platforms.)


*Garden Manager and Plantissimo:  Both Apps play a leading part in garden and plant management. Formatted as an alarm App, they remind you when it's time to water, fertilize, and prune and more. Set dates and times and add personal pictures of your plants with added notes on growth or problems with a specific plant.


*Plants: Want to know what that new plant in your neighborhood is? This App has the answer. With 541 individual families, along with genus and species, it supplies pictures and specific information for plants. Add pictures and notes to the App and show off your green thumb.


*Plant Facts: Scroll through fun facts about plants, their cultural influence and add your own interesting facts.


*Plantifier & Leafsnap: Snap a picture of a plant that you can't identify, submit it to these Apps, and have an expert from (Plantifier) or the Smithsonian (Leafsnap) identify them for you. You can also browse through other submitted photos to help identify species of plants.


Please remember that, while these fun and useful apps are good sources for general information about plants and gardening, Moana Nursery is your best source for high desert-specific information. The knowledgeable teammates at our three stores love helping gardeners succeed in our unique climate and executing Moana Nursery's motto:    Better plants. Better Advice. Better Results.

Interior Plant Services

Commercial, Residential and Custom Resort Projects   

By Vicky Ross, Manager, IPS


Project of the Month: LEX Nightclub, Grand Sierra Resort, Reno

Before and After photos of plantscapes at newly opened nightclub.


Call 775-825-0602 x 134 for more information.

Seasonal Color for Homes & Businesses
  • Unique Custom Containers for your property, artfully designed by our Seasonal Color Specialist, Leslie Richardson. Service includes on-site evaluation & installation. Call today 825-0602 x 134 for free estimate.
  • Convenient planting - - drop off your pot(s) and we'll do the rest. Drop off and pick up at the Potting Shed, located across the parking lot from the Landscape Design Center. Current hours are:
Saturday and Sunday:  Moana Lane Inside Cashier 
Monday thru Friday:   9 AM - 5 PM  

Looking for ways to reduce your water usage by 10%?

Call 825-0602 x 134 to ask how we can tune up your irrigation system, or for more savings, ask about our Easy Turf ... truly superior artificial grass - - no watering. 


Water Saving Lawn Hint ... Keep your grass longer this fall and "step on it" to see if it springs back.  If it does, you don't need more water. 




Bulk Material Installation & Spreading  


Need rock for your landscape project? We can deliver and spread! And check out our flagstone, Sunset Gold and Mesquite Charcoal, both in the ¾-1 ¼ size, perfect for walkways and patios.  We are located right behind the Garden Center on South Virginia St. and are open 7 days a week. Call us at 775-853-1319 x 3.

Upcoming Seminars and Events:


Fall Seminar Schedule:

September 6:   Attract More Birds to Your Backyard  - Fall is the best time to create and plant a bird habitat that birds will love and so will you.  Join our plant doctor and birding specialist, Jon Bruyn to learn the bird habitat basics and then take a walk through the nursery yard to see the trees, shrubs & other plants that provide food and shelter to birds.  Also included is a brief tour of birding department to see the latest in feeders, foods & birdbaths.


September 13: Craig's Tips Expert Tips for Extending Edibles' Growing Season

We've had a very productive growing season thus far, but believe it or not, we still have at least 2 more months left to grow.  Learn what you need to be doing in your garden now to make the most of your efforts:  successive plantings, row covers, hoop houses, fall crops, cover crops, planting onion seeds for next year and more.  Join urban farmer Craig Frezzette who supplies many of the local restaurants with his organic vegetables and herbs. 


September 20: Lawn Rescue - Hard to love your lawn this year? Or hard to love your lawn most years? While this has been an especially difficult season for most, many of us struggle from year to year to achieve and maintain the ideal turf that will complement the whole of our landscape. Join Moana Nursery plant doctor Lisa Braginton for solutions to seasonal problems, tips for healthy lawn maintenance in our high desert environment, and a brief overview of no-turf options. Now is the time to get back to a lawn (or non-lawn option) you'll love!


September 27:  Fall Containers

Join Moana Nursery's Seasonal Planting Specialist Leslie Richardson for a demonstration of how to design and plant a fall container that will last until November.  Containers are Leslie's specialty:  she loves trying out new plant combinations and getting people excited about their outdoor spaces.  She has created custom containers for the Summit, Northstar and Squaw Ski Resorts and many private residences.  Leslie is eager to share design and planting tips that you can apply anywhere in your garden.  Seminar will be held at the Moana Lane store instead of the Landscape & Design Center.


All seminars are free and held at Moana Nursery, 1190 W. Moana Lane, in our Landscape and Design Center unless otherwise stated. Seminars begin promptly at 10 a.m. and last one hour unless otherwise noted. Please arrive 15 minutes early as seating is limited to 60 and is first come, first served. Visit or call (775) 825-0602 for more information.

Plan & Plant 2nd landscape for circular
(Do-It-Yourself Assistance)
Now is the perfect time to use our Plan & Plant resource to easily design and get expert assistance for those dreams and changes you have for your yard. Take a look and see if it inspires you ... we all can be "landscape designers" with these simple tools.
Or ... explore our expert advice and high desert fact sheets on subjects that may be of interest to you. 

Our website is filled with local gardening & landscaping advice to make you a green industry, high desert expert.

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