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The High Desert Gardener
           October 2, 2017: Volume 10.17
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Moana Lane Garden Center 
The Florist, Greenhouse &  
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1100 W. Moana Lane, Reno
S. Virginia St. Garden Center  
Outdoor Living, Tree Land & Moana Rock 
11301 S. Virginia St., Reno 

Pyramid Hwy. Garden Center 
Spanish Springs Nursery
7655 Pyramid Hwy., Sparks
Store Hours  
Monday - Saturday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
Sunday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
At all three locations including all 3 Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shops, Tree Land & Moana Rock.

The Florist at Moana Lane is closed Sunday (except Mother's Day & Easter Sunday) but great arrangements are available in the cooler and orders taken by nursery teammates.
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Landscape & Design Center
Water-Wise Irrigation, Ha
rdscapes, Maintenance & Water Features
1190 W. Moana Lane, Reno
775-825-0602 X 134
NV Lic. #3379 A, D
CA Lic. #317448
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Feature Products:

For planting success, we recommend using these three products when planting or transplanting all plants:
Superthrive, G&B Organics Soil Building Conditioner and G&B Organics Starter or All Purpose Fertilizers 

Porcelain Doll

Sorbet Harvest Mix Viola

Sangria Pansy

Pigeon Victoria Decorative Cabbage
Stonehead Cabbage
Meyer Lemon Citrus
Bearss Lime Citrus

Two aerial photos, fall & summer, of our four-season growing nursery in Canby, Oregon.  Mt. Hood is east of the tree & shrub farm; the fall photo is looking west.
Pre-emergent With Corn Gluten


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Grow More Orchid Food
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Armstrong Red Maple Tree
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Fall Pollinators
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Uni-Gro Potting Soils

Best Time to Plant!
Timely, Local High Desert Tips
Now is the time to ...  
Yellowing & dropping pine needles
It is common for pines to shed needles annually. As long as the needles are on the inside of the branch (close to the trunk) instead of at the tip of the branch, there is generally nothing to worry about. If needles are browning and dropping at the tip of branches, there is a problem; in this instance, bring a branch in to one of our plant doctors for a diagnosis.
  • Plant trees, shrubs, perennials and spring flowering bulbs - fall is the best time to plant and the only time to plant bulbs! Be sure to plant with SuperThrive, G&B Organics Starter or All Purpose Fertilizer and G&B Organics Soil Building Conditioner according to our planting guide for success. Plant bulbs later this month around Nevada Day when the soil has cooled to 40 degrees or up until the ground freezes. For best results, plant with or Gardner & Bloome Bone Meal or G&B Organics Bud & Bloom Fertilizer.
  • Refresh flower beds and containers with cool-season favorites such as pansies, ornamental cabbage & kale, chrysanthemums, sedums, ornamental grasses and fall-blooming asters.
  • Continue to water newly planted perennials, trees and shrubs, especially evergreens, regularly until ground freezes, gradually reducing the amount of water provided and lengthening the time between watering.
  • Mulch, mulch, mulch. The best thing you can do to prepare and protect your trees and shrubs for winter is to mulch them with a 2 -3" layer of G&B Organics Soil Building Conditioner or walk-on bark.   Be sure to water them thoroughly and regularly until the ground freezes if there is no natural precipitation.

Help Us Fight Breast Cancer! 
10% of all retail sales - regular and sale purchases included - starting 10/9 thru 10/15, will be donated to support cancer research ... all three stores. Details here.

Rewards Member Only Special October 2017 -

15% Savings on All Pumpkins and Gourds
Applies to full priced, in stock product while supplies last. Offer expires on Halloween!

New Arrivals:
Winter Flame Dogwood

Shrubs: 'Winter Flame' Dogwood, 'Gro low' Sumac, Common Purple Lilac.
Trees: 'Royal Raindrops' Crabapple. 
Pumpkins: 'Cinderella', 'One Too Many', 'Orange Howden', 'Red Warty Thing', 'Warty Goblin', 'Blue Doll', 'Fairytale', 'Lumina', 'Casperita' and 'Porcelain Doll'.
Annuals - plant every year: 'Sorbet Harvest Mix' Viola, 'Sangria' Pansy, 'Pigeon Victoria' Decorative Cabbage.
Veggies: 'Stonehead' Cabbage.
Indoor Citrus: 'Meyer Lemon' Citrus and 'Bearss Lime' Citrus.

Royal Raindrops Crabapple
Gro Low Sumac
Common Purple Lilac

Orange Howden
One Too Many
Red Warty Thing
Blue Doll
Warty Goblin
Destiny Broccoli

Jack is Back!
Unique Moana grown fresh pumpkin bouquets designed in a creative botanical style.  A fun seasonal alternative for special occasions or just to celebrate the fall season!  Call The Florist at Moana to order at 775-825-0671.

Fall is in the Air - Let's Celebrate!
Time to get out all things witchy, scary and creepy. Decorate your home with Halloween spirit.  Shop our wide selection of spooky delights and colorful frights to make your Halloween a scream! happy-halloween2.jpg

Carmel's Wild Birds Unlimited Product of the Month . . .  
Advanced Pole System Basic Set Up

Everything you need to get started for creating your very own backyard bird feeding station!  Comes with pole, stabilizer, double crook arm and chickadee finial.  Makes a great gift for birding


Debbie's Shrub of the Month:  
Burning Bush

This deciduous shrub is known and prized for its excellent fall color. It can be used as a specimen or accent, planted in a group or as a screen/hedge. It has no serious insect or disease problems and is considered a fire resistant shrub. 

Bree's Plant of the Month: Chrysanthemum
Known as autumn's most popular flower, Mums have blooms that come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and colors. In addition to the traditional yellow, other popular colors are white, purple and red.

Carmel's October High Desert Bird of the Month:  Dark-eyed Junco    
Scientific name: Junco hyemalis

Dark-eyed Juncos are neat, even flashy little sparrows that flit about forest floors of the western mountains and Canada, then flood the rest of North America for winter. They're easy to recognize by their sharp markings and the bright white tail feathers. The Junco is a medium-sized sparrow with a rounded head, a short, stout bill and a fairly long, conspicuous tail. Juncos vary across the country, but in general they're dark gray or brown birds brightened up by a pink bill and white outer tail feathers that periodically flash open, particularly in flight.
Dark-eyed Juncos are birds of the ground. They can be found hopping around the bases of trees and shrubs in forests or venture out onto lawns looking for fallen seeds. You'll often hear their high chip notes while foraging, or intensifying as they take short, low flights through the vegetation. They are primarily seed-eaters, with seeds of chickweed, buckwheat, sorrel, and the like making up about 75% of their year-round diet. At bird feeders they seem to prefer millet over sunflower seeds.

Click here to read the rest of Carmel's informative articles and more on local birds at  
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Carmel's Featured Product for Jays and Squirrels
Enjoy feeding Jays and Squirrels? Now we carry whole peanuts in 25# bags!  With the temperatures cooling off many birds and mammals are caching nuts away for the winter.  Why not help them out and have some fun feeding with some whole peanuts? 

Bree's September Planting Tips:
  • Plant perennials until the ground freezes and seeds according to directions.
  • Plant spring blooming bulbs on Nevada Day - when the soil has cooled to about 40 degrees until the ground freezes. Be sure to plant with Gardner & Bloome Bone Meal or G&B Organics Bud & Bloom Fertilizer, water well and mulch with G&B Organics SBC (Soil Building Conditioner). Easy as Dig, Drop, Done!
  • Be sure that new plantings and perennials are kept watered if there is insufficient rainfall. 
  • Set out Pansies, Violas, Ornamental Kale and Cabbage and Mums to keep color in the garden for as long as possible.

50th Anniversary Specials - - October, 2017  
50% Savings on All Shrubs, Vines and Roses
Cannot be combined with other discounts or offers. Limited to full-priced stock on hand.
Honeysuckle Vine   
More Anniversary Specials ...  
50% Savings* on One of Each of the Following Five Specials: 
  • #1 'Evening Siskiyou' Mexican Primrose (reg. 9.99)
  • #15 'Chanticleer' Flowering Pear (reg. 134)
  • No Melt Nut & Berry Suet Cakes (reg. 3.49) 
  • Bonide Winterizer Lawn Food 5M (reg. 30)
  • Double Box Terrarium (reg. 22.99)
Applies to full priced merchandise in stock.
Cannot be combined with other discounts or offers.


More ...
50% Savings on Planting Success Kit
  • 3 cu.ft. G&B Organics Soil Building Conditioner
    (reg. 14.99)
  • 4 lb. G&B Organics All Purpose Fertilizer (reg. 11.99)
  • 2 oz. Superthrive (reg. 9.99)
Purchase kit (all three) and get 50% off all three for planting success in the high desert.    

And ...
High Desert Landscape Specials**
20% Savings on each in October, 2017.  
  • #15 'KV' Flowering Plum (reg. 132)
  • #15 'Canada Red' Chokecherry (reg. 132)  
  • 3 cu.ft. G&B Organics Soil Building Conditioner  (reg. 14.99)
**Applies to full-priced Moana-grown trees & shrubs in stock.


Wild Birds Unlimited
Freshest Bird Seed in Town   

Red Hot Prices October 2017

  • 20# No Mess DP       reg. 36.99 / sale 33.99
  • 20# Nyjer                   reg. 49.99 / sale 46.99

Moana Rock - Boulders Galore
Moana Rock has a substantial inventory of boulders in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and rock types. Boulders may be used for both functional and decorative purposes:
  • Place large boulders to create barriers to prevent vehicle access.
  • Core and plumb boulders for use as water features.
  • Use boulders to add color and topographic accents to any landscape design.
Delivery and placement service for boulders, as well as coring for water features are available from Moana Rock, located at our South Virginia location.
Call 825-0602 x219.   


Moana Nursery's High Desert Gardener Services for Residential & Business 
Our Potting Shed at the Moana Lane location is open; please inquire about drop-off container services at our Moana Lane Store or the Landscape Design Center -- 825-0602 x134.
  Shed and Roof Garden
Other services include:
  • Plant Based Garden Design, Installation and Maintenance
  • Specialty Gardens
  • Annual Bedding Color
  • Custom On-Site Exterior Container Plantings
  • Potting Shed Drop-Off Container and Event Services
  • Seasonal and Holiday Decorating
For information or estimates on our other services, call 825-0602 x134. 

Interior Plant Services:  
Commercial, Residential and Custom Resort Projects   
We provide three interior plant service programs - - you can buy, rent or lease. For a free consultation with Vicky Ross, interior plant design & maintenance manager, call 825-0602 x 134.

 Upcoming Seminars 
October 7: Putting your Garden/Lawn to Bed
Jon Bruyn, Moana plant doctor, certified arborist and high desert gardener, will present expert tips and techniques for preparing your roses, flowering shrubs, trees for the winter.  Included in the presentation are:  NOT pruning before winter, minimizing damage, watering routines and winter mulching.  Jon will also discuss how to protect your yard from pests during the winter. This is one of our most popular seminars, so be sure to arrive a bit early.
October 14:  Greenhouse Growing
Rebekah May Stetson, owner of Sunny Day Organic Farm, will discuss growing edibles and other plants in a greenhouse year round. Rebekah will share the benefits of greenhouse growing along with equipment requirements and tips for successful growing. If you've dreamt of having your own greenhouse, this is a must attend seminar to learn from Rebekah's experiences.
October 21:  Composting 101 - Turn your Garden & Kitchen Waste into Black Gold
Join Moana plant doctor, horticulturist and long-time high desert gardener Steve Packer to learn the basics of composting:  what to compost - from yard waste to kitchen scraps; the steps and recipe for turning them into a rich soil amendment for your garden: the numerous kinds of composters available along with their benefits.  Steve will share his own tips for successful composting.   
All seminars are free and held at Moana Nursery, 1190 W. Moana Lane, in our Landscape and Design Center unless otherwise stated. Seminars begin promptly at 10 a.m. and last one hour unless otherwise noted. Please arrive 15 minutes early as seating is limited to 60 and is first come, first served. Visit 
or call (775) 825-0600 for more information.

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  • Upgraded to be even better in 2017.
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