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         October 1, 2016: Volume 10.16
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   Sunday  9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


At All three locations Including all 3 Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shops, TreeLand & Moana Rock.  The Florist at Moana Lane is closed Sunday but great arrangements available in the cooler and orders taken by nursery teammates. 
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Landscape & Design Center
Water-Wise Irrigation, Ha
rdscapes, Maintenance & Water Features
1190 W. Moana Lane, Reno
775-825-0602 X 134

NV Lic. #3379 A, D, E
CA Lic. #317448

Armstrong Red Maple Tree
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Feature Products:

For planting success, we recommend using these three products when planting or transplanting all plants:
Superthrive, Gardner & Bloome (now G&B Organics) Soil Building Conditioner and G&B Organics Starter or All Purpose Fertilizers 

G&B Organics Starter Fertilizer
Blackbeard Penstemon
Catherine Hosta

Yomichelle Gold Chrysanthemums

Bonide Fruit Tree & Plant Guard

Plantskydd keeps rabbits away from lawns and other areas of your garden by a combination of both taste and smell. 
Bonide All Seasons_ Spray Oil
Grow More Orchid Food
Bonide MoleMax
ACECAP Systemic Insecticide Tree Implant
Gardeneer Harvest Guard
Uni-Gro Potting Soils

Wilco Squirrel Bait Station
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Armstrong Red Maple Tree
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Wilco Squirrel Bait

Happy Frog Naturals
Concern Weed Prevention

Yard Butler Wisk Rake

Yard Butler Core Aerator

Yard Butler compost Aerator

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Timely, Local High Desert Tips ...
Now is the Time To ...      

Yellowing & dropping pine needles
It is common for pines to shed needles annually. As long as the needles are on the inside of the branch (close to the trunk) instead of at the tip of the branch, there is nothing to worry about. If needles are browning and dropping at the tip of branches, there is a problem; in this instance, bring a branch in to one of our plant doctors for a diagnosis.
  • Plant trees, shrubs, perennials and spring flowering bulbs - fall is the best time to plant! Be sure to plant with SuperThrive, G&B Organics Starter Fertilizer and G&B Organics Soil Building Conditioner according to our planting guide for success.
  • Refresh flower beds and containers with cool-season favorites such a pansies, viola, dusty miller, ornamental cabbage & kale, chrysanthemums, sedums, ornamental grasses, fall blooming asters, coral bells, autumn fern, junipers & spruce.
  • Mulch, mulch, mulch. The best thing you can do to prepare and protect your trees and shrubs for winter is to mulch them with a 2 -3" layer of G&B Organics Soil Building Conditioner or walk-on bark.   Be sure to water them thoroughly and regularly until the ground freezes if there is no natural precipitation.
  • Continue watering all trees, shrubs, perennials and lawns regularly until the ground freezes, gradually reducing the amount of water provided and lengthening the time between watering.

Help Us Fight Breast Cancer!

10% of all retail sales starting today and for next 9 days (10/1 thru 10/9) will be donated to support cancer research ... all three stores. Details here.
    You Can Make       A  Difference ...  Join  Us!

Moana Nursery Rewards Program Members Only Specials

15% Savings on All Halloween & Fall Gifts and Decor*
Applies to full-priced stock on hand. Offer valid from 10/1 - 10/16. *Excludes pumpkins & plants.

Not a Member, sign up at all three stores.
See 2016 program brochure here.  

New Arrivals:
Quaking Aspen

Trees & Shrubs: Burning Bush, 'Ann' Magnolia, 'Panchito' Manzanita, 'Parkland Pillar' Birch, Quaking Aspen.

Annuals (plant every year): 'Halloween Mix' Pansies, 'Black Delight' Viola, 'Nagoya Mix' Kale.

Perennials (plant once & enjoy year after year): 'Cinnamon Ashley', 'Nutty Fiona Bronze', 'Peach Fusion' & 'Yomichelle Gold' Chrysanthemums, 'Catherine' Hosta, 'Blackbeard' Penstemon and 'Caradonna' Salvia.

Pumpkins: Orange Howdens, White Luminas, Pink Porcelain Dolls, Mini's & Gourds..

Burning Bush
Panchito Manzanita
Ann Magnolia
Parkland Pillar Birchntal Cabbage
Halloween Mix Pansies
Black Delight Viola
Nagoya Mix Kale

Pink Porcelain Dolls; pink pumpkins support breast cancer research
Nutty Fiona Bronze Chrysanthemums
Cardonna Salvia

Melody's Fall Decorations for Home & Landscape
Spooky delights and colorful frights live here!  Get your home ready for fall with our variety of autumn decor including haunted Halloween and harvest-themed fall d├ęcor.

Karma's Featured Product: Plantskydd Repellent

Plantskydd has been proven to outlast and outperform all other repellents. It is designed to last 6 months over winter.  Repels deer, rabbits, voles, chipmunks, squirrels and more.
  • Protect bulbs before you plant them by spraying with Plantskydd Liquid and allowing to dry.
  • Protect turf and garden beds from vole damage with Plantskydd Granular before mulching.

The Florist at Moana October Arrangement:
A Dozen Perfectly Pink Roses

As the first rose ever domesticated, the pink rose is filled with meaning, tradition and history. Long associated with love and admiration it is a perfect gift to show a breast cancer survivor that you admire their strength and tenacity.  To honor all those affected by breast cancer, we have designed the Perfectly Pink dozen rose bouquet. 10% of all arrangement purchases from October 1 - 9
th will be donated to the American Cancer Society.  Remember, Real men not only wear pink, they send pink! Call 825-0671 to place your order or visit us at our Moana Lane store.

Bree's Plant of the Month: Chrysanthemums
Peach Fusion
These perennials are a must have for the fall garden. No other late- season flower delivers as much color, longevity and reliability as mums. They offer a wide range of fall colors -- orange, pink, red and yellow to name a few -- and a variety of flower shapes. They work exceptionally well in containers, too.

Bree's October Planting Tips:
  • There is still time to plant perennials; they will be healthier & bigger than if planted in the spring.
  • Once soil temperatures drop below 60 degrees, spring flowering bulbs -- tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, Siberian squill, dwarf iris, anemone and crocus should be planted. Be sure to plant with bulb food or bone meal and mulch after planting.
  • There is also still time to plant winter pansies, ornamental kale & cabbage and Fall mums to keep the garden popping with color.

Matt's High Desert Shrub of the Month: 'Ivory Halo' Dogwood
This compact selection of variegated dogwood that provides colorful leaves all summer and striking red twigs in winter. It is easy to grow in sun or shade and its smaller size makes it a great choice for smaller spaces. 

Save 20% on Moana-Grown
KV Flowering Plum
High Desert Landscape Specials* thru 10/16 only.

Better Plants. Better Results.

#15 'KV' Flowering Plum     (reg. 132)
#15 'Chanticleer' Flowering Pear (reg. 132)
#5 'Anthony Waterer' Spiraea, (reg. 32)
#3 'Lynwood Gold' Forsythia (reg. 28)
Bonide Winterizer Lawn Food (reg. 30)

ALL 20% Off!

*Applies to full-priced Moana-grown trees & shrubs in stock.

Chanticleer Flowering Pear
Anthony Waterer Spiraea
Lynwood Gold Forsythia

Karma's Special of the Month:
50% Savings on all Gardner & Bloome Single Ingredient Fertilizers.  
Limited to product on hand. Offer expires October 31, 2016

Carmel's Featured Wild Birds Unlimited Item:    No Mess Plus Seed Blend
is back!

Perfect blend for prepping birds for winter.  No-Mess Plus Blend features medium sunflower chips, shelled peanuts, chopped tree nuts, suet nuggets, cherries, cranberries and calcium carbonate creating a 100% edible blend to meet your birds' needs with seeds, fats and fruits.


Carmel's October High Desert Bird of the Month:  Common Raven
Scientific name: Corvus corax 
How to identify: Common Ravens are entirely black, right down to the legs, eyes, and beak. Not just large but massive, with a thick neck, shaggy throat feathers, and a Bowie knife of a beak. In flight, ravens have long, wedge-shaped tails. They're more slender than crows, with longer, narrower wings, and longer, thinner "fingers" at the wingtips.
Habitat:Common Ravens live in open and forest habitats across western and northern North America. This includes deciduous and evergreen forests up to treeline, as well as high desert, sea coast, sagebrush, tundra, and grasslands. They do well around people, particularly rural settlements but also some towns and cities.

Click here to read the rest of Carmel's informative articles and more on local birds at
Sign up there for our monthly Wild Birds Unlimited newsletter. 

Upcoming Events & Seminars:

October 1: Renown Children's Hospital Pink Pumpkin Fall Festival at The Summit. 9 am to 2 pm. Free                         Live entertainment, Moana Nursery's Pink Pumpkin Patch, farmers market, kids' activities, and more. Event benefits the Renown Health Breast Cancer Patient Assistance Fund.       
October 1 - 9: Real Men Wear Pink at Moana Nursery ... 9 days supporting breast cancer research with 10% of retail sales being donated to the American Cancer Society.
We are Proud, Pink & Planted, High in the Desert!
Help Us Help Beat Breast Cancer!

Upcoming Seminars: 

October 1: Welcome to Nevada Gardening
Are you looking for information on how to succeed at gardening, despite the challenges of our northern Nevada environment? Plant doctor & horticulturist Lisa Braginton will discuss soils, best watering practices, and some of the plants that survive and even thrive here. We'll share proven tips and commiseration!

October 8: Greenhouse Growing
Rebekah May Stetson, former Farm Manager of Urban Roots will discuss growing edibles and other plants in a greenhouse year round. Rebekah will share the benefits of greenhouse growing along with equipment requirements and tips for successful growing. If you've dreamt of having your own greenhouse, this is a must attend seminar to learn from Rebekah's experiences.
October 15:  Composting 101 - Turn your Garden & Kitchen Waste into Black Gold
Join Moana plant doctor, horticulturist and long-time high desert gardener Steve Packer to learn the basics of composting:  what to compost - from yard waste to kitchen scraps; the steps and recipe for turning them into a rich soil amendment for your garden: the numerous kinds of composters available along with their benefits.  Steve will share his own tips for successful composting.
October 22:  Winterizing Roses, Shrubs & Trees and Putting your Yard to Bed
Jon Bruyn, Moana plant doctor, certified arborist and high desert gardener, will present expert tips and techniques for preparing your roses, flowering shrubs, trees for the winter.  Included in the presentation are:  NOT pruning before winter, minimizing damage, watering routines and winter mulching.  Jon will also discuss how to protect your yard from pests during the winter. This is one of our most popular seminars, so be sure to arrive a bit early.
All seminars are free and held at Moana Nursery, 1190 W. Moana Lane, in our Landscape and Design Center unless otherwise stated. Seminars begin promptly at 10 a.m. and last one hour unless otherwise noted. Please arrive 15 minutes early as seating is limited to 60 and is first come, first served. Visit  or call (775) 825-0602 for more information.

Visit any time to get expert gardening information ...
  • High Desert Fact Sheets
  • Bi-weekly Timely Tips
  • Helpful High Desert Videos
  • Monthly Newsletters
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  • And much more - Here's one ...
A New, Local Tool For You ... Moana Nursery's Exclusive High Desert Plant Finder & Guide
  • Search and explore plants that thrive in our unique climate and region.
  • Build wish lists, learn about plant characteristics and find the perfect plants for you and your home.
  • Bring your wish list to your favorite Moana Nursery location and our expert staff will help with your choices.
Available day & night on or click here.

Moana Nursery's High Desert Gardener Services for Residential & Business

Our talented team led by Leslie Richardson has expanded their menu of services:
  • Custom Containers
  • Garden Design, Installation & Maintenance
  • Seasonal Color
  • Specialty Gardens of all types
Call 825-0602 x134 for free estimate. Now is the time to have your containers and garden refreshed for fall!  
Interior Plant Services

We provide three interior plant service programs - you can buy, rent or lease. For a free consultation with Vicky Ross, Interior Plant Design & Maintenance Manager, call 825-0602 x 134.

Announcing 2nd Half October Savings ... Effective October 17th thru October 31st, 2016 Only!

Moana Rewards Member Only Special:  
15% Savings on All Pumpkins & Gourds  
Applies to full priced stock on hand. 
High Desert Landscape Specials*
  20% Savings on All
#15 'Karpick' Red Maple (reg.132)
#15 'Snowdrift' Crabapple (reg.132)
#5 Dwarf Red-Leaf Plum (Cistena) (reg. 32)
#5 'Goldflame' Spiraea (reg. 32)
G&B Organics Soil Building Conditioner (reg. 14.99)
*Applies to full-priced Moana-grown trees & shrubs in stock.

Plan & Plant tool for you!
(Do-It-Yourself Assistance) 
Now is the perfect time to use our Plan & Plant resource to easily design and get expert assistance for those dreams and changes you have for your yard. Take a look and see if it inspires you ... we all can be "landscape designers" with these simple tools.
Or ... explore our expert advice and high desert fact sheets on subjects that may be of interest to you. Combine this DIY tool with our High Desert Plant Finder and Guide for even more help.

Our website is filled with local gardening & landscaping advice to make you comfortable gardening and landscaping in our high desert. 

Fall Planting
Thanks you for reading our newsletter.  We have the best neighbors in the world!  Our final reminder as we head into fall ... FALL IS THE BEST TIME TO PLANT! 
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