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    Issue No. 06.14
June 2, 2014     
"Nature News" from Wild Birds Unlimited at Moana Nursery

Goodbye Jacque, Welcome Carmel!

We have been fortunate at Moana Nursery to have benefited from the leadership of Jacque Lowery as we started up our commitment to Wild Birds Unlimted Nature Shops.  Jacque's knowledge, passion, expertise and photography skills have left us with a treasure chest of bird & birding information for our staff.  As Jacque enjoys her deserved retirement, we transition to the leadership of Carmel Hilton in this important area of our business.  She shares the passion for birds & birding and is happily putting her degree and training in Ecology & Systematic Biology with a Wildlife Concentration to work.  We look forward to Carmel's contributions but we will miss seeing & working with Jacque; however, we know where she will visit to buy bird seed! 

Visit Us for Trusted Local Advice

We're proud to offer the best bird feeding products on the market...but that's not all. We back it up with trusted local advice about the birds and other wildlife found in our area.

We're here to make sure you get the greatest enjoyment out of watching the birds in your backyard.

Visit us soon! (And, starting today, new  seed is arriving since our Anniversary Flash Sale wiped out both our retail and our back room inventory.) 

Help Your Birds Beat the Heat with a Source of Water   

Birds use water for more than just a thirst quencher; they also use it for bathing and preening their feathers. Create a water oasis for your birds with a birdbath, dripper, mister, or water wiggler.


Father's Day Special ... 

Wild Birds Unlimited

Help your backyard birds beat the heat with a ready-made source of cooling water.  



20% Savings on Bird Baths, Water Wigglers & Misters



See all our June specials and details here. 

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Don't miss this great bird-related seminar at Moana Nursery:


June 7: Creating a Backyard Bird Habitat

Join Moana Nursery Plant Doctor and long-time high desert gardener Jon Bruyn to learn how easy it is to create a back yard habitat that that attracts a variety of birds. Your bird habitat will soon become an outdoor learning center for your entire family, providing year round entertainment.


All seminars are free and held at Moana Nursery, 1190 W. Moana Lane, in our Landscape and Design Center unless otherwise stated. Seminars begin promptly at 10 a.m. and last one hour unless otherwise noted. Please arrive 15 minutes early as seating is limited to 60 and is first come, first served. Visit www.moananursery.com or call (775) 825-0602 for more information.

June's High Desert Bird-of-the-Month:


California Quail                    

The California Quail is a handsome, round soccer ball of a game bird with a small head and bill and a distinctive, curled black head plume in both sexes. Its wings are short and very broad and tail is fairly long and square. Adult males are rich gray and brown, with a black face outlined with bold white stripes. Females are a plainer brown and lack the facial markings. Both sexes have a pattern of white, creamy, and chestnut scales on the belly. Young birds look like females but have a shorter topknot. Legs and feet are gray in both. Though the topknot looks like a single feather, it is actually a cluster of six overlapping plumes.

13 Quail Eggs in our nursery container

California Quail lay 12 to 16 eggs in a shallow ground depression lined with grass. (Some nests can contain as many as 28 eggs which may be the result of females laying eggs in nests other than their own, a behavior known as "egg-dumping.")

Many quail chicks are precocial which means relatively mature and mobile from the moment of hatching, so they can leave the nest with their parents. (If you pay close attention, you might spot a parade of what appear to be little, yellow "cotton balls" being led by one parent and followed by the other. Multiple California Quail broods may mix after hatching and are attended by all the parents of those broods. It is interesting to note that adults that engage in communal brooding live longer than adults that do not.

Carmel's Bird Blog


Howdy friends! I feel very fortunate to have recently joined the Moana Nursery family as their Wilds Birds Unlimited manager. Being an avid outdoors person, I love speaking with people and discovering how they incorporate the natural world into their own. Birding is just one great way to do that no matter where you live!


Since our family recently moved into a new house I have set about the task of adding bird feeding stations and bird-scaping our yard. What fun this project has been! I must admit there are so many great birding products that it's to choose. From the yellow hanging sock finch feeders to the fly through tray feeder, we have already seen a variety of birds at the feeders. Most recently we have spotted Lesser Goldfinches, Oregon Juncos, lots of House Finches and a few sneaky Stellar Jays grabbing what they can.


As for plants, I have begun to add some splashes of color with salvia, peonies, honeysuckle, and some potted annuals around the yard. So far no hummingbirds have been by to explore but I am hopeful! In subsequent blogs I will be sure to mention my progress (or lack thereof) in attracting migrating hummingbirds.


I welcome you to come by, check out the store and products and share your stories with me.


Bird Feeding Innovations

A Bird Feeding Classic

It all started with the WBU Classic Bird Feeder. In 1990, Jim Carpenter, founder, president and CEO of Wild Birds Unlimited, set out to create the perfect wooden bird feeder. He designed a stylish, durable and easily maintainable feeder that offered the one feature found in no other feeder - the ability to see bird feeding better. That day, the Wild Birds Unlimited Classic Hopper Feeder was born. Its design has kept its integrity for over 23 years, has been awarded a coveted 3D Design Patent and has become the symbol for the Wild Birds Unlimited franchise.

The unique design of our Classic has been the standard for all of our wooden and recycled plastic line of hopper feeders. The curved design allows you to see birds feeding on both sides at the same time. Other features include perch drains that allow seed to drop out of the feeder for ground-feeding birds to eat and angled perches that allow empty seed hulls to be blown away by the wind, making the feeder self-cleaning.

The Advanced Pole System

Our patented Advanced Pole System (APS) was introduced in 1999 as a revolutionary concept and the foundation for successfully attracting birds to your backyard. Comprised of interchangeable hardware pieces, the APS lets you select the setup that best suits the habitat in your own backyard and the birds you want to attract. Its modular design allows you to add or subtract bird feeders, bird houses and other bird feeding accessories, giving you the ability to create and customize your bird feeding station with over 3,000 combinations - it is all up to you!

How Does It Work? It's easy! Just insert a screwdriver into the hole at the middle of the 4-foot Base Pole and twist it into the ground using the convenient corkscrew auger connected at the bottom of the pole. Next slide the Stabilizer onto the Base Pole and push into the ground so it "stays straight and looks great!" Plus, it is lawnmower-friendly.

APS is finished with a durable powder coating that gives a depth to the look and allows clinging birds like woodpeckers to cling to the vertical pole allowing longer looks at the birds.

Get creative! Design your own unique setup with the innovative Advanced Pole System.

Upcoming Meetings & Events:

Lahanton Audubon Society   



Monthly Meetings are held every fourth Tuesday, August through May, 6:30 p.m. (social) 7:00 p.m. - meeting begins. Monthly meetings are held at the Moana Nursery Landscape and Design Center, 1100 West Moana Lane, in Reno. Moana Nursery is on the southwest corner of Lakeside Drive and West Moana Lane; the Landscape and Design Center is a separate building, located on the west side of the parking lot (not in the nursery shop itself). We look forward to seeing you there!   

Field Trips:

The nearby Plumas Audubon Society also has field trips scheduled that area birders may find of interest. For more details please visit http://www.plumasaudubon.org/


For information on the Lahontan Audubon Society, click here.


Animal Ark


June 7, 2014. 4:30pm -- Raptor Adventures

Learn about birds of prey in this one-hour program by expert falconers Jim and Kathleen Tigan. Enjoy this awesome experience as raptors fly right over your head at 60 MPH, demonstrating natural behaviors! This program is held at Animal Ark's new amphitheater which is located in a beautiful natural setting.


June 7, 2014. 6:00pm -- Wolf Howl

Join us for a howling good time! The park opens at 6:00 so you may see the other residents of Animal Ark prior to the fun and educational Wolf Howl program at 7:00. Hear wolves and coyotes howl then participate in our contest, with prizes to be awarded to the best human howlers.


June 15, 2014. 4:30pm - Raptor Adventures

Learn about birds of prey in this one-hour program by expert falconers Jim and Kathleen Tigan. Enjoy this awesome experience as raptors fly right over your head at 60 MPH, demonstrating natural behaviors! This program is held at Animal Ark's new amphitheater which is located in a beautiful natural setting.


June 15, 2014. 6:00pm -- Dash 4 Dads Cheetah Chase

What dad doesn't enjoy watching top speeds? Cheetahs accelerate zero to 45 MPH in just three strides, acceleration faster than a sports car! We predict Dad will be impressed! Must be at least 10 years of age to attend. Reservations required.


June Nature Happenings:

* June is Perennial Garden Month & National Rivers Month
* Add suet dough to your bird feeding station during the hot summer.
* Bird migration is finished. Birds that are here now are summer residents that nest.
* As the month progresses, feeders can become busy with visiting parents and fledglings.
* Keep cats inside to help protect fledglings.

* Keep nectar feeders fresh and change sugar solutions every three days as the temperature rises.
* Many summer birds are not frequent feeder visitors but will seek out fresh water to beat the summer heat.
* Some cavity-dwelling species may attempt to start a second brood, so check your nest boxes to clean out sterile eggs, spiders, wasps or other debris and consider adding fresh cedar shavings.

June is "Plant Something" Month ... see our timely tips for your high desert yard and more.

Herbs & Soil Building Compost on sale now.

See our June specials here including our Red Hot Savings of 2014.

See it all on our Moana Nursery website ... click here.

Must see YouTube video ... Starling Murmurations ... Highly recommended.
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