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     Volume 06.14
                             June 2, 2014
Dawn Donovan 
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Moana Lane Garden Center
The Florist, Greenhouse &
Gift Shop
1100 W. Moana Lane, Reno

S. Virginia St. Garden Center
Outdoor Living, Tree Land & Moana Rock
11301 S. Virginia St., Reno

Pyramid Hwy. Garden Center
Spanish Springs Nursery
7655 Pyramid Hwy., Sparks

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 Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  
 Saturday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

 Sunday  9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


All three locations Including The Florist at Moana Lane, all 3 Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shops, TreeLand & Moana Rock

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Landscape & Design Center
Water-Wise Irrigation, Ha
rdscapes, Maintenance & Water Features
1190 W. Moana Lane, Reno
775-825-0602 X 134

NV Lic. #3379 A, D, E
CA Lic. #317448

Feature Products:
Armstrong Red Maple Tree
Dr Earth logo
For planting success, we recommend using these three products when planting or transplanting all plants:
Superthrive, Gardner & Bloome Soil Building Compost and Dr. Earth Life or Starter Fertilizer

Dr Earth Starter Fertilizer
Trumpet Vine

Plantskydd keeps rabbits away from lawns and other areas of your garden by a combination of both taste and smell. 
Bonide All Seasons' Spray Oil
Bonide Liquid Copper Fungicide
Uni Gro Peat Moss
Bonide Rose Rx Systemic Drench

Bonide MoleMax
Grow More Orchid Food
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Dr. Earth Hose Ready Liquid Organic Fertilizers
Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar
Dr. Earth Rose & Flower Planting Mix
Dr. Earth Rose & Flower Planting Mix

Dramm Hoses - guarnateed
Dr. Earth Life Fertilizer (new image)

HydroFarm Light, Moisture & pH Meter
Dr. Earth Fruit Tree Planting Mix
ACECAP systemic insecticide tree implants
Wilco Squirrel Bait
Gardeneer Row Cover 

Father's Day ... Sunday ... June 15th
Timely, Local High Desert Tips ...
Now is the Time To ...

Aphid Alert:

Aphid infestations have been reported on many different plants: roses, fruit trees, ash, snowball bush & spiraea. We recommend using Bon-Neem II according to directions.

  • Use Dr. Earth Organic Rhododendron, Azalea & Camellia Fertilizer to help green up conifers that are looking chlorotic (yellow).
  • Fertilize annuals in containers, baskets and window boxes every 3-4 weeks with Dr. Earth Bud & Bloom or the new liquid Dr. Earth Golden Bloom. Always water plants before adding fertilizer.
  • Fertilize vegetables with Dr. Earth Organic Fertilizers.
  • Stake or cage tomatoes as they begin to grow. If your tomatoes are exposed to wind, apply Bonide Tomato & Blossom Set.
  • Protect tomatoes from blossom end rot as soon as fruit sets with Bonide Rot Stop.
  • Mulch vegetable garden with Gardner & Bloom Soil Building Compost to retain moisture.
  • In order to grow larger and sweeter fruit, consider physically thinning your fruit trees of excessive fruit now. For apples and pears (cluster fruit) thin cluster to one or two fruits, spaced along branches no closer than six inches. For most stone fruit (peaches, nectarines, apricots), thin fruit to one every six inches along branches. Plums generally do not need thinning. 
  • Offer WBU Bark Butter Bits, Calcium Care Suet Dough, Peanut Butter n' Jelly Suet Dough or Jim's Birdacious Bark Butter to provide the extra calcium needed during nesting season.
See all our Timely, Local, High Desert, Bi-Weekly Tips - - Click here and check often - - now is the time.

Bee Colony Loss May Lessen If Beekeepers Treat For Varroa Mites, Survey Shows: U.S. beekeepers lost more than a fifth of honey bee colonies this past winter - fewer than the winter before. Research shows there are fewer losses among beekeepers who carefully treat their hives to control a lethal parasite called the Varroa mite. 

The Florist at Moana Nursery

Show your Dad that he is #1; send a unique flower arrangement that he won't soon forget.  Father's Day is June 15th.  Call today 775-825-0671. holiday floral 2



New Arrivals:
'Light O' Day' Hydrangea

  • 'Harlequin' honeysuckle, 'Light o' Day' hydrangea, Drift groundcover roses, 'Autumn Gold' gingko & trumpet vine.
  • Flowering baskets - - all sizes and colors for sun and shade! 
  • Moana Lane Greenhouse: fiddle leaf fig, succulents & sansevieria.
    Drift Groundcover Roses
    'Autumn Gold' Gingko


























Garden Art:  


Inspired by a Bug's Life, our metal garden art bugs will provide your garden with endless smiles and laughter.  When gardening experts talk about the good bugs for your garden, these are the insects they are talking about!   

    Buy 3 get 1 FREE
#1 Selling Product at Moana Nursery! 
  Gardner & Bloome
Soil Building Compost  
   3 Big Cubic Feet
     Save $12.99

  3" Saves 30%
A 3" layer of nutrient 
rich organic mulch reduces water requirements by up to 30%!

Red Hot Specials:
Assorted Select
HERBS   $1.49
(reg. $3.99)  4 inch size          
Limit 3, while supplies last.







10% off all Moana-Grown Deciduous Trees  


Home Improvement Specials

#5 'Goldfinger' Potentilla (reg. $29) $15.

#15 'Autumn Blaze' Maple (reg. $114) ... now $59.






Father's Day Special ...  

Wild Birds Unlimited

Help your backyard birds beat the heat with a ready-made source of cooling water.  



20% Savings on Bird Baths, Water Wigglers & Misters


See all our June specials and details here. 

Gail's Perennial of the Month:   Hosta


If you don't have a hosta tucked in a shady spot somewhere in your high desert garden, you are missing a great plant. These tough long lasting beauties come in all colors, textures and sizes. They are extremely hardy (zone 2-10) and easy to grow. Always amend your soil before planting with compost. Add a birdbath, a chair and enjoy your shady spot.  

Matt's Tree of the Month: Japanese Tree Lilac


This handsome small tree bears fragrant creamy white flowers in large panicles in June and July adding color to the landscape when few other trees are blooming. Japanese Tree Lilac is drought and heat tolerant and shrugs off winter cold.

The Purrrfect Garden     


June is the time most of us plant our gardens for us humans to enjoy throughout the season. But if you're a cat owner, consider dedicating one to your furry friend. The cat garden is a perfect way to combine our love of plants and pets. Your kitty will be overjoyed with his or her own fun-filled plant container.



Cat grass, lemongrass, catnip, mint, creeping rosemary and alyssum are all pet safe and will get your kitty purring. If you would like to add other plants to your container garden be sure to make sure they are kitty friendly.

June's High Desert Bird of the Month: California Quail  

California Quail 


The California Quail is a handsome, round soccer ball of a game bird with a small head and bill and a distinctive, curled black head plume in both sexes. Its wings are short and very broad and tail is fairly long and square. Adult males are rich gray and brown, with a black face outlined with bold white stripes. Females are a plainer brown and lack the facial markings. Both sexes have a pattern of white, creamy, and chestnut scales on the belly. Baby quail by Jacque Lowery


Young birds look like females but have a shorter topknot. Legs and feet are gray in both. Though the topknot looks like a single feather, it is actually a cluster of six overlapping plumes.   

Lots more on California Quail, the rest of our expert's informative articles & local birds at Sign up there for our monthly Wild Birds Unlimited Newsletter and more.


Our Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shops have benefited greatly from having Jacque Lowry as team leader and resident expert.  As she deservedly retires, we are pleased to have Carmel Hilton assume the leadership role (and just as pleased to have the treasure chest of "Local" Jacque photos, insights and expertise still available ... like these pictures!). 

Gail's Garden Tip Gail Frezette


High desert gardening can be a little tricky with snow storms one day followed by 80 degrees the next. Typical Reno spring weather makes growing greens difficult with high temperatures causing them to bolt and turn sour. Planting in a tree shaded area or in a north bed can help frost hardy cabbage and cool season crops last a little longer going into our instant summer season.


Extending the season with a row cover and shade cloth will also help keep soil cooler and spring crops last a little longer. Row covers should be taken off daily long enough to inspect your plants for insects and any other problems. Using them on your lettuce, broccoli, spinach and other spring crops will slow the crop from bolting in our high heat. Covers will also keep the plants cleaner and help with insect control as long as you monitor them daily.

New from Moana Landscape Services  . . .  Seasonal Color for Homes & Businesses
  • Unique Custom Containers for your property, artfully designed by our Seasonal Color Specialist, Leslie Richardson. Service includes on-site evaluation & installation. Call today 825-0602 x 134 for free estimate.
  • Convenient planting - drop off your pot(s) and we'll do the rest. Drop off and pick up at the Potting Shed, located across the parking lot from the Landscape Design Center. Current hours are:

    Saturday and Sunday: 10 AM - 2 PM

    Monday thru Friday:      9 AM - 5 PM




Bulk Material Installation & Spreading  


Need rock for your landscape project? We can deliver and spread! And check out our flagstone, Sunset Gold and Mesquite Charcoal, both in the ¾-1 ¼ size, perfect for walkways and patios.  We are located right behind the Garden Center on South Virginia St. and are open 7 days a week. Call us at 775-853-1319 x 3.

Upcoming Seminars and Events:


June 7: Creating a Backyard Bird Habitat

Join Moana Nursery Plant Doctor and long-time high desert gardener Jon Bruyn to learn how easy it is to create a back yard habitat that that attracts a variety of birds. Your bird habitat will soon become an outdoor learning center for your entire family, providing year round entertainment.


June 14: Cooking with Culinary Herbs from Your Garden

One of our local chefs (TBA) will share tips for creatively using the herbs grown in your home garden to add zip, flavor and flair to your homemade dishes, making the very art of dining more interesting and fun!


June 21: Perfect Perennials for Perpetual Color

Perennials (plants that bloom year after year) typically bloom for only a short time, so it is important to plant a varied selection if you want continuous color in your garden. Join Dianne Stortz-Lintz, high desert gardener, Rose Specialist and former Horticulturist for the City of Reno, to learn more about these garden staples - how to use them effectively in your landscape and which ones can be successfully grown in our challenging climate. This seminar is for novices and experienced gardeners alike.


June 28: Growing Citrus in Northern Nevada

Nothing smells better than a lemon or lime tree in flower on your patio during the summer. And how exciting to pick your own lemon or lime! Join Jon Bruyn, Moana Nursery plant doctor and successful northern Nevada citrus grower, to learn how easy it is to successfully grow citrus indoors. He will explain what conditions are necessary (sunlight, temperature, etc.) and share tips to ensure a healthy plant and plentiful harvest.


All seminars are free and held at Moana Nursery, 1190 W. Moana Lane, in our Landscape and Design Center unless otherwise stated. Seminars begin promptly at 10 a.m. and last one hour unless otherwise noted. Please arrive 15 minutes early as seating is limited to 60 and is first come, first served. Visit or call (775) 825-0602 for more information.

Moana Nursery is the only installer of superior, draining EasyTurf from FieldTurf ... call us and learn more ... 775-825-0602 ext. 134.

Plan & Plant Moana Lane garden center water feature
(Do-It-Yourself Assistance)
Now is the perfect time to use our Plan & Plant resource to easily design and get expert assistance for those dreams and changes you have for your yard. Take a look and see if it inspires you ... we all can be "landscape designers" with these simple tools.
Or ... explore our expert advice and high desert fact sheets on subjects that may be of interest to you. 

Our website is filled with local gardening & landscaping advice to make you a green industry, high desert expert.
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