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The High Desert Gardener
           July 1, 2017: Volume 07.17
                        Weed it and Reap!

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Moana Lane Garden Center 
The Florist, Greenhouse &  
Gift Shop  
1100 W. Moana Lane, Reno
S. Virginia St. Garden Center  
Outdoor Living, Tree Land & Moana Rock 
11301 S. Virginia St., Reno 

Pyramid Hwy. Garden Center 
Spanish Springs Nursery
7655 Pyramid Hwy., Sparks
Store Hours  
Monday - Saturday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
Sunday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
At All three locations including all 3 Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shops, Tree Land & Moana Rock.

The Florist at Moana Lane is closed Sunday (except Mother's Day & Easter Sunday) but great arrangements are available in the cooler and orders taken by nursery teammates.
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Landscape & Design Center
Water-Wise Irrigation, Ha
rdscapes, Maintenance & Water Features
1190 W. Moana Lane, Reno
775-825-0602 X 134
NV Lic. #3379 A, D
CA Lic. #317448


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Feature Products:

For planting success, we recommend using these three products when planting or transplanting all plants:
Superthrive, Gardner & Bloome (now G&B Organics) Soil Building Conditioner and G&B Organics Starter or All Purpose Fertilizers 

Bush Ranger Anigozanthos

Meyer Lemon Citrus

Eureka Variegated Pink Lemon Citrus

Two aerial photos, fall & summer, of our four-season growing nursery in Canby, Oregon.  Mt. Hood is east of the tree & shrub farm; the fall photo is looking west.

Bonide Sucker Punch Knocks Out Sprouts

Tommyco Garden Kneelers

BurnOut Weed and Grass Killer

Mosquito Beater for standing water application

Mosquito Beater Area Repellent

Controls Insects and Diseases
Repels Burrowing Animals

Dramm Watering Applicators

Grow More Orchid Food

For Powdery Mildew and Other Fungal Diseases

Wilco Squirrel Bait Station
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Armstrong Red Maple Tree
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Wilco Squirrel Bait

Bartlett Pears

Bing Cherries

Uni-Gro Potting Soils
Rose and Flower Planting Mix

Citrus and Fruit Tree Fertilizer

Happy July 4th, Independence Day, & Happy Summer!
(Stores close at noon on 4th)  

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Timely, Local High Desert Tips - -
Now is the time to ... 
  • Adjust your irrigation controller to increase scheduled watering times to counter higher July and August temperatures.
  • Inspect irrigation system regularly for leaks, clogged emitters, broken/clogged heads and other problems.
  • Water newly planted trees, shrubs, perennials & roses 3 - 4 times per week in July and August.
  • Check all plants weekly to be sure they are getting adequate water; established trees, shrubs, perennials & roses require 1 inch of water per week throughout their root zones. 
  • Control insect pests, including leafminers, spider mites, thrips and others with beneficial insects like lady bugs. Use Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew, an organic insecticide, for chewing insects as a safe and quick control. Ask us for best controls on significant infestations. 

Moana Nursery Rewards Program Members Only Specials

30% Savings on All Annuals (plant every year) including hanging baskets & containers.
In stock and full priced.
Offer expires July 16, 2017
Not a member? Join at any store.  See 2017 Program brochure here.    

New Arrivals:
Twisty Baby Dwarf Black Locust

Tree: Twisty Baby TM Dwarf Black Locust.

Shrubs: 'Sixteen Candles' Summersweet, 'Golden Spirit' Smokebush.

Rose: Easy Elegance Screaming Neon TM.

Vines: Virginia Creeper, Atomic Red TM Trumpet Vine.

Perennials - plant once and enjoy year after year: 'Pink Poodle' & 'Now Cheesier' Echinacea, 'Stargazer' Lily, 'Tye Dye' & 'Starry Starry Night' Hibiscus.

Annuals - plant every year:  'Bush Ranger' Anigozanthos, 'Shadow Dancer Marcia' Fuchsia, 'Indigo Charm' & 'Suncatcher White' Petunia, 'Lanai Red' Verbena.

Citrus: 'Meyer Lemon' 'Eureka Lemon' & 'Eureka Variegated Pink Lemon' Citrus.
Golden Spirit Smokebush
Sixteen Candles Summersweet
Easy Elegance Screaming Neon

Virginia Creeper

Atomic Red Trumpet Vine


Stargazer Lily

Shadow Dancer Marcia Fuchsia

Now Cheesier Echinacea

Pink Poodle Echinacea
Starry Starry Night Hibiscus


Lanai Red Verbena

New, Colorful Garden Kinetic Spinners!  
These spinners will add both color and movement to your outdoor space. Kinetic spinners are powered by the wind and will make your garden stand out above the rest.

New Arrival ... Hazelnut Shell Mulch  
Oregon-grown hazelnut shell mulch is a great alternative to cocoa shell mulch. Long lasting (5-6 years to decompose) and not toxic to dogs like cocoa shell mulch.  It  forms a barrier that snails and slugs won't cross. Best of all is it will discourage your feline friends from digging and using your garden bed or houseplant as a littler box.

If you can't go to the Tropics Bring the Tropics to you!
New from The Florist at Moana are specially designed, long lasting tropical arrangements including unique botanicals fresh from Hawaii!   Each month we bring in a wide variety of beautiful, bold tropical flowers which we design into modern floral art. These amazing arrangements are sure to impress!  Call The Florist at 775-825-0671 or visit our website:

Carmel's July High Desert Bird of the Month:        
Bullock's Oriole 
Scientific name: Icterus bullockii
Northern Nevada plays host to a good variety of birds in winter - Northern Flicker, White-crowned Sparrow, Oregon Junco; summer, however, is mostly devoid of any unusual, colorful birds. But there is one summer resident that sets my heart singing - the Bullock's Oriole. It's such a thrill to see the flash of orange and black in the trees, to hear their beautiful song, to get a glimpse of their amazing nests.
Bullock's Orioles winter in Mexico and nest all across the western half of the U.S. They were once lumped with the eastern Baltimore Oriole, but now scientists believe they are not even closely related to that species. They are members of the same family as blackbirds, meadow larks and grackles.

Click here to read the rest of Carmel's informative articles and more on local birds at 
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Featured Products:  
  • For the Birds, Sweet Seed Nectar Fusions:  Wildflower infused hummingbird and oriole nectar.  Uses all natural pure cane sugar, infused with steam distilled wildflower and fruit extracts, fortified with calcium and electrolytes.  Available in RTU and concentrate formulas. You birds will LOVE it!  
  • For the Gardener, Yard Butler Tools: Durable, professional quality tools featuring all steel construction with a rust-proof powder coated finish and a comfortable cushion grip. Try one of the terra tuff assortment, popular whisk rake, deep root irrigator or many more quality tools.  We guarantee their durability.


Bree's Plant of the Month: Monkshood
Although this perennial has gotten a bad rap throughout its history -- being called nefarious names like Wolf's Bane and Devil's Helmet -- Monkshood deserves a lot more attention. It is one of the few almost true blue flowers and is quite heat tolerant and hardy. Blooming in summer it handles partial shade, too. Be cautious when planting as all of the plant is poisonous. DO NOT plant if you have animals or children around your garden.

Debbie's High Desert Shrub of the Month:
Hibiscus syriacus
Commonly called Rose of Sharon or althea, this shrub is low maintenance and attracts butterflies. It grows 8/12' tall and spreads 6/10' (trim after its done blooming to keep shorter) and can be trained or purchased as a small tree. Rose of Sharon puts on a beautiful show of hibiscus flowers, single or double in the summer and fall, and comes in many colors.   

Bree's Gardening Tips for July
  • Continue to dead head (remove dead flowers) from annual plants to encourage continued blooming.
  • Fertilizer container gardens regularly with our G&B Organics Bud & Bloom granular and High Bloome liquid fertilizers.
  • Stop pinching mums in mid-month so they can develop flower buds for the fall. 
  • Water thoroughly and deeply as July temperatures increase.

50th Anniversary Specials - - July 1 - 16, 2017  
50% Savings* on One of Each of the Following Five Specials: 
  • #1 'Just Plum Happy' Daylily  (reg. 11.99)
  • #2 Red Drift Rose (reg. 34)
  • Any size G&B Organics Rose & Flower Fertilizer (reg. 11.99/32/56)
  • Black Oil Sunflower Bird Seed, 20# bag (reg. 21.99)
  • Citronella Mason Jar Candle (reg. 9.99)
Applies to full priced merchandise in stock.
Cannot be combined with other discounts or offers.


High Desert Landscape Specials**
20% Savings on each,  July 1 - 16
  • #15 'Canada Red' Chokecherry (reg. 132) 
  • #15 'Ruby Tears' Crabapple (reg. 162)
  • #5 'Woodbridge' Rose of Sharon (reg. 37)
  • #3 Burning Bush (reg. 34)
  • 1.5 cu.ft. G&B Organics Rose & Flower Planting Mix            (reg. 11.99) 
**Applies to full-priced Moana-grown trees & shrubs in stock. Offers expire July 16th.

All July 1st to 16th Specials Here.

Wild Birds Unlimited
Freshest Bird Seed in Town   

Red Hot Prices, 20 lb. bags - July 1 - 16

Nyjer             49.99 reg. / 45.99 sale 
Finch Blend  43.99 reg. / 39.99 sale

Moana Nursery's High Desert Gardener Services for Residential & Business 
Our Potting Shed at the Moana Lane location is open; please inquire about drop-off container services at our Moana Lane Store or the Landscape Design Center -- 825-0602 x134.
Other services include:
  • Plant Based Garden Design, Installation and Maintenance
  • Specialty Gardens
  • Annual Bedding Color
  • Custom On-Site Exterior Container Plantings
  • Potting Shed Drop-Off Container and Event Services
  • Seasonal and Holiday Decorating
For information or estimates on our other services, call 825-0602 x134.

Interior Plant Services 
Commercial, Residential and Custom Resort Projects 
We provide three interior plant service programs - - you can buy, rent or lease. For a free consultation with Vicky Ross, interior plant design & maintenance manager, call 825-0602 x 134.

Upcoming Events
(Seminars will resume in September):

July 1:  The Reno Rose Society Presents
   Star Spangled Roses
Reno's Artown Annual Rose and Flower Show
McKinley Arts & Culture Center, 925 Riverside Dr.
Free Admission
10 AM to 4:30 PM Saturday with the Arrangement Demonstration at 1 PM to 3 PM.
August 17:   Raise the River Fundraiser - - A Sensory Experience to Benefit KTMB (Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful) 
Ignite your senses with culinary delights, craft libations, entertainment and interactive activities at five sensory stations themed for taste, smell, sight, touch & sound. Moana Nursery is sponsoring the Sense of Sight.
From 5:30 - 8 PM Sensory Garden in Idlewild Park, Reno

Tickets at

See you there!

Beneficial Insects For Your Garden & Landscape!

Praying mantidsladybugs, lacewings, and beneficial nematodes essential for IPM (Integrated Pest Management) for controlling nuisance pests in your yard and garden. Beneficial nematodes control over 200 soil dwelling and wood boring pests including grubs, weevils and fungus gnats.  Ladybugs and green lacewings are two of the garden's best pest fighters in one cup.  Lacewings, (AKA aphid lions), devour up to 1,000 aphids a day and attack mites, whiteflies, leafhoppers, thrips, caterpillars and more. Earthworms improve soil structure and fertility.




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